ANSON INTERNATIONAL PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE can offer the best services on matters concerning Taiwanˇ¦s intelligent properties including such as patent and trademark applications for all clients from all countries around the world. The office is composed of lawyers, patent attorneys, prestigious patent engineers and trademark deputies.

        The patent attorneys in the office were senior patent examiners in Taiwan Intelligent Property Office, the patent engineers and the trademark deputies in the office all have their intelligent property practice on such as patent and trademark applications for over 20 even 30 years.

        We have sufficient experiences and capabilities on patent and trademark applications and matters concerned such as translations for all kind of languages, prosecution of patent application, control and management of deadlines, extension and payment of annuities.


        Our patent attorneys were patent examiners in Taiwan Intelligent Office for 15 years so that they deeply understand the examination criterion and mode in Taiwan and have an excellent communication with current examiners.

        Drafting and translation of patent applications are all done by our engineers and verified by the prestigious managers and patent attorneys in the firm.

        We have a better service and fairer price than other firms in Taiwan.

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